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Pies at a barbecue dinner, Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. (Russell Lee)
Wondeful descriptions and vignettes of American group eating...written by members of the Federal Writers' Project...To this, the author has added her own thoughtful accounts as she travels across the land to discover present incarnations of thoise earlier feasts.--Boston Globe

Clear, crisp....[Willard's] insights on the role of food in history and how its uses can reveal profound truths about different cultures, are fresh and thought provoking.--New York Times

Through touching personal stories, Willard also offers support for stressed caregivers. These passages, and her healing discoveries, are presented in an earthy, modest, graceful prose that makes A Soothing Broth a petite treasure. --Dana Jacobi

Last of the lemon meringue pie
Pie Every Day is a book of enormous charm which demonstrates the theory that the best food writing is inspired by deep needs that have little to do directly with food. --Corby Kummel, The Atlantic Monthly

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Published Books
Traveling through the country today with the remnants of the Federal Writer Projects' (1935-1941) manuscript, and looking for real American food.
A culinary memoir about getting through life through the power of pies
A Culinary History about how saffron journeyed from the Middle East and captured the world.
Exploring the old-fashion recipes used to feed the sick at home.
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